Performance, Craftmanship, Innovation

We will strongly improve your ride. Our shoes are a new benchmark in terms of comfort, fit and power transfer. We are performance driven, our shoes are handmade in Italy at our own factory and are pro-race proven.

What makes our shoes special

Power, comfort & durability


  • Weighs 205 gram
  • Thermo-moldable carbon chassis
  • Optimized riding comfort


  • Weighs 225 gram
  • Superior power transfer and pedaling efficiency
  • Optimized riding comfort


  • Superior fit
  • Weighs 220 gram
  • Thermo-moldable carbon chassis

nimbl shoes advantages

Performace, Craftmanship, Innovation

Cycling shoes can have a great impact on your riding experience. The feeling of instant power transfer, making every pedal turn count, the sensation of being one with your bike. At nimbl we optimize for comfort, fit, noticeable, superior power transfer and pedaling efficiency whilst not forgetting about durability.

  • Microfiber upper inside and out

    Highly comfortable, durable but lightweight upper made from high density microfiber.

  • Pressure adjustability

    Adjustable closure system creates an even pressure around the foot eliminating pressure points.

  • Thermo moldable carbon sole

    Inhouse fabricated thermo-moldable, ultra-stiff carbon sole.

  • Lightweight

    Despite deep carbon shell amongst the lightest on the market.