Jaakko Hanninen


After a difficult season with injuries, I target to have a solid season 2020. My goal is being a loyal domestic but riding for the win when having a chance. Especially on the mountain races and stages, which fit well to my speciality!

  • 22
  • AG2R La Mondiale
  • Finland
  • Climbing
  • Nimbl EXCEED white
    • 1st of Tour de Gevaudan (UCI1.2)
    • 4th of Tour du Doubs (UCI1.1)
    • 3rd of U23 World Championships

What I like about my nimbl's

Performance, Craftmanship, Innovation

Shoes are really important part of the performance. Nimbl shoes have fit perfectly from the very first km. What I respect is that shoes are handmade in Italy, not manufactured in Middle East or Asia.

What I like about my nimbl’s: nimbl’s fit to my feet perfectly. They are really comfortable, but with the nimbl I don’t have to do any compromises with performance. I like the heel cup and the carbon sole of the shoes. On every pedal stroke the power goes straight to the pedals.