Our story

Performance, Craftmanship, Innovation

We are nimbl: a new high performance cycling shoe brand established to strongly improve your ride. Our products represent a new benchmark in terms of comfort, fit and power transfer. We are performance driven, our shoes are hand made in Italy and pro-race proven.

Performance driven

Optimized for fit, superior power transfer and pedaling efficiency.

Cycling shoes can have a great impact on your riding experience. The feeling of instant power transfer, making every pedal turn count, the sensation of being one with your bike. At nimbl we optimize for comfort, fit, noticeable, superior power transfer and pedaling efficiency whilst not forgetting about durability.

Handmade in Italy

Italian craftsmanship from fiber to shoe

Would sourcing complete products from Asia be cheaper or easier? It is the choice practically the entire cycling shoe industry makes, but it would makes us feel weary about many things. At nimbl we like to be in control which is why we produce our shoes in-house. Entirely. From molding our carbon soles up to the (double) stitching of the uppers, there are no third parties involved in the production process.

Pro-race proven

Developed with champions for champions

We are proud to have support from various of cycling’s icons of road racing who have supported us during the product development process. It is furthermore unique for a new cycling shoe brand to receive the trust of both World Tour riders and Track world champions to use our products to enhance their performance.


Why should we?

At nimbl, in developing our products we focus on optimal power transfer and pedaling efficiency, comfort & fit and durability. As a brand we furthermore make a number of promises you can hold us accountable against, now and in the future.