Handmade in Italy

Italian craftsmanship from fiber to shoe

Would sourcing complete products from Asia be cheaper or easier? It is the choice practically all other shoe brands make, but it would make us feel weary about many things, whether it be consistent quality, (too) long lead times, unreliable delivery, but most of all, insufficient grip on the production process.

Be in control

At nimbl we like to be in control which is why we produce our shoes in-house. Entirely. From molding our carbon soles up to the (double) stitching of the uppers. There are no third parties involved in the production process. Our shoes are hand made in our own factory by Italian artisans each with over 30 years’ experience who take pride in each shoe they fabricate.

This unparalleled passion, craftmanship and grip on our production process enables us to supply you the right model in the right size when you want it and at consistent quality. We are proud to carry the Italian flag on each of our products.