Why should we?

At nimbl, in developing our products we focus on optimal power transfer and pedaling efficiency, comfort & fit and durability. As a brand we furthermore make a number of promises you can hold us accountable against, now and in the future:

We are no-nonsense

We like simple, straight talk. We hate marketing buzz, aimed at confusing you. No, at nimbl you will not find obscure ‘stiffness indexes’ or material code names or other trademarked buzz words for that matter. 

We don’t do model years 

We create simple, elegant, and timeless designs that don’t age each year it becomes August. Model years are a construct of the bicycle industry to keep product turning on the shop floor. So don’t expect us jumping onto new color trends, or blowing out last year’s product anytime soon. Nor will you find yourself having spent a large sum of money of what will be last year’s model in a few months.  

We offer premium performance only

Because those are the kind of products we believe do justice to the cycling experience. Furthermore, producing our products by hand, by experienced Italian craftsmen who apply the most premium materials comes at a cost. We can’t sell EUR 100 shoes, simply because our costs far exceed such price points.

We choose performance over lightweight. Period.

We believe low weight is important for a high performance product, but the weight of nimbl shoes is the result of choices we make in the performance areas power transfer, comfort & fit and durability. Would it be easy for us to achieve lower product weight? YES. Apply less or thinner materials. A strategy that is often applied in this industry. Would we ever be tempted to do so? Maybe, for a one off product, simply to show that we can, but not for our commercial product. Simply because that would require us to make too many concessions to the requirements we believe a premium product should meet.