Performance driven

Cycling shoes can have a great impact on your riding experience. The feeling of instant power transfer, making every pedal turn count, the sensation of being one with your bike. At nimbl we optimize for comfort, fit, and noticeable, superior power transfer and pedaling efficiency whilst not forgetting about durability.

Optimized fit

Your optimized fit is achieved with our proprietary thermo-moldable carbon sole, which you can adjust to the shape of your feet. Since our sole system hugs your entire feet not only from the bottom, but also from the sides, the plantar arch support increases not only comfort for the foot, but also eliminates tension to proning and any other discomfort, ensuring a more comfortable, consistent and thus a highly efficient power transfer. The sensation that you can put down the pressure with your entire foot and throughout the entire pedal rotation.

Comfort and durability

Comfort and durability are furthermore achieved by the uncompromised material and design choices we make. For example, we only apply thick, high-grade Microfiber. Could we have achieved a lower weight? For sure, apply thinner microfiber. However, thicker material makes our products more durable, maintaining its strength, shape and comfort over a longer period of time. A wide toe box allows for sufficient freedom for your lower foot and keep the toes relaxed during long rides at high temperatures. We trade additional comfort and durability for a few grams extra every day of the week.

For more information on our performance driven approach, have a look at the Product Philosophy section.