Product technologies

All our shoes are based on our in-house manufactured proprietary sole system. We also apply full micro-fiber uppers to ensure our shoes have great product characteristics.

Proprietary sole systems

We have not invented a fancy marketing buzzword for it; no stiffness indexes, no fancy ultra high modulus, unidirectional carbon buzz words. Our proprietary sole system simply does what it needs to do: it is light, ultra-stiff and durable. In designing the shape of the footbed, we aimed to achieve maximum comfort for the arch of the foot whilst getting rid of any tension to proning.

Fabricated from 3K carbon, our outsole can be heated in a warm water bath to specifically fit the shape of your feet. The “tray” shaped bottom of the shell and the heel protection ensures that the only position that is possible for the foot is the correct one. The perfect fitting of the shoe safeguards the heel’s medial collateral ligament, in order to ensure a safer and more performing pedaling.

Full Microfiber Uppers

Our uppers and liners are made from 1,2 mm thick microfiber. We apply this material also on the inside of our shoes, simply because our high heel cups and cupped carbon footbed hug the foot so strongly that our shoes don’t need the grip e.g. mesh or other ‘grippy’ material provides to keep the foot in place. To save weight (and money) we could have applied thinner microfiber. This would have negatively affected the durability of our shoes which is an area we simply won’t compromise on.

Using a microfiber liner enables us to retain the great material properties of water absorption and keeping out bad smells to a much larger extend. OK, it does cost a bit more than the frequently applied mesh, however, we believed this was money well spent. It gives our shoes that premium look and feel.